China’s First High-End Blockchain Incubator - Asia Blockchain Incubator

China’s first blockchain incubator - Asia Blockchain Incubator, has been settled down recently at Motorola Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The incubator is the best and the biggest in Beijing with area up to 2500 square meters. Asia Blockchain Incubator is created collectively by a leading enterprise in China’s blockchain, Taiyi Cloud Technology, and a well-known maker space, Hicoffice. Also, Asia Blockchain Incubator strategically cooperates with many blockchain associations, internationally recognized blockchain enterprises and venture capital companies like IBM lab in China, Asia DACA Blockchain Association, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) Ventures, Cherubic Ventures, Zegu Ventures.

Asia Blockchain Incubator is the first incubator that is dedicated to blockchain industry, aiming to provide an open, symbiotic, innovative, developmental and new environment, promoting to help China’s blockchain industry development.The incubator orients towards individuals, enterprises, industrial organizations and investments institutions. It provides not only Silicon Valley styled open space office services and integrated office management system services based on blockchain nodes, but also core functional services such as blockchain technical support, solutions consulting, public relationship connection and industrial capital connection, etc.

Strong technical supporting resources will be the professional feature of Asia Blockchain Incubator.The incubator sponsored institution, Taiyi Cloud Technology, is a blockchain technology researching and developing enterprise that firstly went public in National Equities Exchange and Quotations in China. Taiyi has engaged in researching and developing blockchain technology since 2013 and now owned 70 blockchain copyrights. Taiyi is one of the very few Chinese enterprises that owns full independent intellectual property rights and whole blockchain core technologies. Also, Taiyi is a professional supplier of underlying technology and an advocator of blockchain application in China. The Taiyi Cloud Service built on Taiyi Blockchain System provides solutions related to fields for more than a dozen such as blockchain equity registration, products registration, security trading, individual and entrepreneurial credit investigation, intelligent contracts, automatic financial payment, commercial points, distributed networking, trusted data center, etc.

Meanwhile, Taiyi is also the partner of IBM in the whole blockchain industry in China. IBM has devoted nearly 50,000 lines of code to global blockchain community. The cognitive computing-blockchain integrated platform created by both sides will be settled in Motorola, Inc. If the teams that are incubated need help in blockchain technology, Taiyi and IBM will offer support in the round.

Consulting and training will also be the main feature of the incubator.Incubated blockchain start-ups will get management consulting services, including general business agency services, strategies developing ,management system developing, human resources management systems developing, marketing analysis and expertise training. The incubator created Blockchain University personnel training mechanism by integrating high-end resources in blockchain industry such as IBM lab in China, Asia Blockchain Foundation and DACA Asia Blockchain Association. Besides a blockchain lecture which will be held once every two weeks, there will be different kinds of discussing and training activities of public nature, converging experts at blockchain area, venture geeks and blockchain fans to create talent highland of developing blockchain industry in China and make up the short board of domestic blockchain talent shortage.

The incubator’s public relationship connection services will create comprehensive marketing service systems for incubated blockchain start-ups. In term of marketing, the incubator will strive for technical communications, industrial information spreading and optimal use of governmental relation resources for blockchain innovating enterprises, including industrial summit, standard combination, international cooperation, policy consulting and so on, aiming to provide information spreading and brand advocacy services.

The quality financial service is one of the core service functions of the incubator. Asia Blockchain Incubator unites Cherubic Ventures, Xiake Ventures, Zegu Ventures, connecting government industrial capital, guiding market capital to form industrial stocks, regional stocks and industrial stocks, incubating new business patterns through many forms like investment services, project docking, trading agents, intellectual property rights operations, financing guarantees, equity crowdfunding.

Taiyi and IBM will unite together to develop Daolian innovative incubating platform for Xiakedao Joint Office. Xiakedao Joint Office is the state-level maker space brand that owns certification of Ministry of Science and Technology. Its current actual operating area has been more than 30,000 square meters, covering cities such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and so on. By the year of 2016, Xiakedao will finish the establishment of quality office space of 120,000 square meters and cover almost all the 1.5-tier cities as well as investing venture capital for more than 200 million yuan RMB. Relying on blockchain technology, Xiakedao Joint Office will establish blockchain nodes, providing services of blockchain enterprise registration, equity registration, transfer and so on, creating domestic leading mass innovation model based on blockchain technology and corporate resource sharing.

Asia Blockchain Incubator’s joint office maker space is suitable for micro enterprises’ development of partnership construction, project construction and platform construction. Meanwhile, it has corporate innovative services and corporate resource sharing platform that covers Asia and major cities across China. The incubator is dedicated to provide high quality and valuable services for blockchain innovative enterprises and talents, to promote the standardization and optimal resource allocation of blockchain as a result of contributing to blockchain industrial development in China.