Invitation to participate in the Cambridge Cryptoasset Study

Asia Blockchain Foundation is delighted to invite the industry peers to participate in the second edition of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

This year the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance is launching two surveys, that cover a broad range of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Please take the survey that you feel applies best to your activities – the first is directed at the mining industry, and the second at the service provider industry (including exchanges, wallets and payment service providers).

n order to prevent phishing attacks, we strongly encourage respondents to only use the links from the official Cambridge Judge Business School website.

The surveys are available in Chinese, English and Spanish languages. Please note that all identifying information from organisations that complete the benchmarking surveys will be removed from the research team's analysis, and findings will only be presented in an aggregated form (e.g. by country). All survey participants have the option to be prominently acknowledged in the report with their logo displayed.

Last year Asia Blockchain Foundation has successfully cooperated with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance in preparing the first edition of the Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study that was published in April 2017. The report featured non-public data from over 140 cryptoasset companies and entities. It has been very well received by industry actors, regulators and policymakers and has been cited in several renowned publications and reports.

The links to the surveys can be found on the website:

Asia Blockchain Foundation team

30 May 2018