Blockchain Experts Group

Mitchell Dong
Managing Director of Pythagoras Investment Management LLC
Mitchell Dong is an entrepreneur with the strong background in finance and securities trading, he has started over a dozen companies over 50 years. In 2014 Mitchell started a bitcoin business which includes developing quant models to trade bitcoin. Previously operating as an alternative energy developer and private investor, now Mitchell works as a quant trader and hedge fund manager. Expert in trading blockchain assets and maintaining the liquidity, Mitchell often speaks in bitcoin and blockchain events about the security needs of cryptocurrency trading and future of the exchanges.
Han Feng
Tsinghua University i-Center mentor    Tsinghua University Quantum physics candidate of PhD
Taught Blockchain in Internet finance courses of Tsinghua University. Lectured in finical and other relevant institutions such as China UnionPay , IBM(China), Cisco(China), Rongtong Fund, Penghua Fund, Invesco Great Wall Fund, Shenzhen Securities Communication, CSDC etc. Lectured and taught in many universities in China about Blockchain and Blockchain applications.
Hitters Xu
Ant Financial Blockchain Principal
Mr. Hitters Xu is an expert in developing blockchain business models and product innovation. His expertise includes the research and utilization of the blockchain’s underlying architecture.As an early contributor to the "Little Ant Blockchain" project, Hitters founded "GemPay", a Bitcoin based international payment processor. Since 2013 Hitters organized several large international summits, such as "Global Bitcoin Summit", "2014 Internet Finance Innovation CEO Summit" and "Global Blockchain Summit".
Zhang Weiwu
Blockchain Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mr Weiwu Zhang is a renounced blockchain expert in Sydney’s IT, financial and banking scene, he is a member of R3 Consortium Architecture Working Group, provides consulting service for HP Enterprise (Sydney) and designs blockchain solutions for Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Mr Zhang is familiar with both public blockchain and consortium blockchain. His main areas are trade finance, supply-chain management, reputation management. In cryptography his main area is blockchain privacy technologies, identity algorithms and payment protocols. Before blockchain industry was formed, he was mainly devoted to development of application-specific alt-currencies and high-frequency Bitcoin trading.
Richard Bensberg
CEO at Remitsy
Richard founded blockchain-powered Remitsy in 2015 as a solution to the payment problems he witnessed during a career advising some of the world’s leading financial firms (such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs) on matters of risk and compliance across Europe, SE Asia and China. Richard was previously Managing Director of C6 Intelligence, a leading provider of data intelligence, before moving back to China in 2014 following his ‘conversion’ to bitcoin to join OKCoin as Compliance Director. This rare combination of compliance and blockchain give Richard a great overview of the potential and challenges facing this new experimental technology.
Neil Woodfine
COO at Remitsy
Neil has been an active member of China’s bitcoin community since 2013 and he runs Beijing’s first and only Bitcoin Meetup. Following five years working in China’s manufacturing industries, in 2014 Neil joined OKCoin where he led business development. As a result, not only does he have insight into the small but fast-growing world of digital currency trading, but he also understands the export, logistics and payment issues involved in trade with China. He regularly speaks on the topic of bitcoin at events in and around China, and writes on the topic at his blog
Garrick Hileman
Researcher at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
Dr Garrick Hileman is an economic historian at the Centre for Macroeconomics and Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, where he researches the impact of cryptocurrency on world finance. Garrick is best known for his research on financial and monetary innovation, particularly distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and cryptocurrencies. Garrick has 20 years' private sector experience with both startups and established companies such as Visa, Lloyd's of London, Bank of America, The Home Depot, and Allianz. Garrick's technology experience includes co-founding a San Francisco-based tech incubator, IT strategy consulting for multinationals, and founding MacroDigest, which employs a proprietary algorithm to cluster trending economic analysis and perspective.
Rachel Wang
Chairman of CK Group
graduated in York & Winsdor Unversity Business School majoring accounting and finance. Rachel Wang has worked for Bank of Montreal (BMO) and PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong for the last 10 more years and she has extensive experience in the financial industry including cross-border wealth management, audit consulting, M&A, Venture capital, Securities Trading and Equity Investment. In recent years, she has deep research in the area of ​​Blockchain finance and digital assets. Rachel is also the Executive Secretary General of the Asian Blockchain Foundation.
Vice President of China State-Owned Industry Innovation Alliance
Bachelor of Science in Physics, Master of Economics in Finance in Peking University、Executive Director of Blockchain and Digital Currency Research Lab of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPSL) 、Deputy Director of Law and Finance Research Center of CUPSL、Adjunct Professor of Law and Economics Institute of CUPSL、Arbitrator of Beijing Arbitration Commission、Vice President of China State-Owned Industry Innovation Alliance、Senior Partner of Beijing Tiantai Law Firm、Vice President of Beijing Shenkong Technology Co., Ltd.; and Managing Partner of Ranier Skyline Investment Management Co., Ltd..
Robin Guo
CEO of Tai Lab Silicon Valley
CEO of Tai Lab Silicon Valley, once COO of Cascadia Blockchain Group, graduated from Deakin University in finance. He is a co-founder of YBCoin and, and a founding member of Asia Digital Asset Finance Association and Managing Director of Asia Blockchain Foundation. From 2013, Mr. Guo has gained professional experiences in IT, digital asset issuance, operation of crypto-currency exchanges and has been the C-level management of several crypto-currency industry projects. He is also a blockchain technology specialist, and has an unique view point about blockchain development and application.
Tumi Kim
Genopay COO
Genopay COO in Malaysia, once CEO of Coinwhale which is Korea's well-known digital currency exchange; graduated from Chiba University, Japan in International Accounting. From 2013, Mr. Kim entered blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. He initiated and invested several noted blockchain projects in Japan and Korea, and served as a consultant. To date, he has gained experiences in relevant areas including digital asset investment, exchange operation and blockchain development and application.