Foundation Profile

Asia Blockchain Foundation (ABF) was established on 4th March 2016.

Asia Blockchain Foundation, headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park, with an office set in Motorola Building, Wangjing, Beijing City, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promote industry innovation development and blockchain academic research in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Asia Blockchain Foundation was established collectively by a number of excellent leading enterprises like Cherubic Ventures, Lightningasic, Taiyi Cloud Technology, Chinese Partners Corporation and so on, aiming to promote ecological development of blockchain industry in Asia.

Foundation Purpose

Asia Blockchain Foundation adheres to the goal to promote blockchain technology research, application and development, and integrate industrial resources as well as social resources, popularizing blockchain knowledge, advocating blockchain technical innovation and promoting the industrial development of blockchain technology in Asia.

Prime Missions

Asia Blockchain Foundation will focus on the innovation and development of blockchain Industry-Academia-Research in Asia, promote resource sharing and mutual benefiting among the members of the foundation, assist government to develop and implement significant strategies and policies of blockchain industrial development in order to enhance the competitiveness of the foundation’s members.

1. To raise the scientific level of conducting innovative project researches. Set up teams of top level experts with internationalized vision that aim to provide ecological open type developmental environment for the development of blockchain industry in Asia.

2. To establish achievement promotion center. Focusing on the key questions of industrial technology innovation to develop technical cooperation, in efforts to break through core technology of industrial development, create essential standards for intellectual property rights, and protect the sharing of intellectual property rights.

3. To establish industrial incubator service center. Conduct innovative projects, which includes related work such as marketing methods, and product standards’ application and the establishment of blockchain industrial patent pools, achievement appraisal, achievement registration, expert scrutiny, industrial cooperation and collaboration.

4. To establish sustainable operation mechanism of blockchain training, train talented people of blockchain, enhance communication, provide talent guarantee for the sustainable development of the foundation’s members.

5. Become a platform for members to invest, share venture information, communicate and cooperate in order to promote the effective utilization of resources in the union.

6. To develop market collectively, strive for the governmental policy support and financial support to the development of the foundation, and come up with valuable suggestions for governmental major industrial projects.

7. To coordinate and develop contact between related organizations such as Asia blockchain enterprises, research institutions and industrial union, and hold various forms of learning activities.

8. To promote honest, integrity-oriented good habit, and establish the foundation’s convention and help to monitor compliance.